3-Bedroom House Cleaning.

3-Bedroom House Cleaning.

3-Bedroom House Cleaning.

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Our experienced professionals provide top-quality home cleaning services. Each extensively vetted professional has relevant experience and comes prepared to make your place sparkle. 
Book a thorough house cleaning today at an affordable price. This package covers rooms in a 1 bedroom house. 

Here's how it works:
  1. Click on 'Book Now' and make necessary payments
  2. We will call you to confirm your booking and collect any other necessary information.
  3. Our professional cleaner will be at your doorstep at the time you choose with the appropriate cleaning materials. 

Here are the cleaning services we offer:

- Dusting/ vacuuming of the mattress.
- Cleaning of floors in the bedroom and balcony
- Removing dust accumulation on desk and bookshelves.
- Cleaning of mirrors, ceiling fan and lighting fixtures in the room.
- Remove cobwebs, clean dust sills, ledges
- Arranging the beds

- Clean, disinfect toilets, floors and tubs.
- Clean sink/basins, counters.
- Mirrors cleaned and wiped dry.
- Remove stains from shower mirrors.

- Cleaning all cabinets.
- Cleaning of appliances from outside.
- Scouring your sink, cleaning of gas cookers, cleaning of counter area.
- Mopping your floor and removing dirt in between tiles.
- Cleaning of lighting fixtures.

General areas
- Wipe dust and stains from appliances
- Dust all drawers, tables and cabins.
- All window sills dusted and cleaned.
- Mop/ Vacuum

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